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Salamander, The



Salamander, The (1981)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Jerry Goldsmith

Released in:

United States, Italy, Great Britain

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Prometheus XPCD 174

Prometheus XPCD 174  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Cassandra Crossing, The

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Collection: 80
Wish list: 3

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  Track listing

1.  "The Salamander" Main Titles (01:44)
2.  Funeral: Requiem for a General (02:38)
3.  Woodpecker/Neo-Fascist Training/Lawyers/Dead People (02:38)
4.  Dante Runs Upstairs/The Surgeon (01:22)
5.  Dante and Lili (02:28)
6.  The Car Chase (01:40)
7.  Island Adventure (05:25)
8.  Dante/Zurich/Lili (04:14)
9.  Manzini/Assassination Attempt (02:14)
10.  Photographs/Steffi's Abduction (02:22)
11.  Steffi's Dead/The Mortuary (02:19)
12.  Car Bomb/Torture/Death of the Surgeon (03:49)
13.  Phone Call to Lili/The Forest (02:11)
14.  The Guests Arrive/After the Show Ended (02:34)
15.  Goodbyes & End Titles (05:30)
16.  Bonus Track: "The Cassandra Crossing" Concert Suite (05:42)
Main Titles and The Climber
17.  Bonus Track: "Ransom" Concert Suite (08:12)
Sky Chaser and Main Theme

Total Duration: 00:57:02
Track listing contributed by Wilson Maffetano

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