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Night Of The Creeps



Night Of The Creeps (1986)

Barry De Vorzon

Released in:

United States

Horror, Science Fiction

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La-La Land Records LLLCD 1107

La-La Land Records LLLCD 1107  

United States 
Release Date

Limited edition of 2000 copies.

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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (03:32)
2.  The Axe Man Cometh (01:15)
3.  I'm Your Bud (00:37)
4.  Cylo Lab / It's Alive (02:42)
5.  Thrill Me's Dream (00:53)
6.  Cindy's Scream (03:43)
7.  Done With an Axe (00:33)
8.  Screaming Like Banshees (01:23)
9.  Zombie Cat / Zombie (00:27)
10.  The Bathroom Stall (02:38)
11.  Will You Go With Me? (01:12)
12.  I Took My Twelve Gauge / Return of the Axe Man (02:15)
13.  I Already Killed You (02:06)
14.  What’s the Tux For?* (01:08)
15.  J.C.'s Last Note (03:10)
16.  Zombie Dog / Turned Over Bus / Zombie's Break Out (01:40)
17.  March of the Zombies (05:42)
18.  The Count Down* (03:12)
19.  End Credit Suite (04:18)
*contains sound effects

Bonus Score Tracks:
20.  The Bathroom Stall (no overlay) (02:38)
21.  The Count Down (alternate) (03:39)
22.  Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (02:40)
Written by Jerome Kern and Otto A. Harbach, performed by The Platters
23.  The Stroll (02:30)
Written by Nancy Lee and Clyde Otis, performed by The Diamonds
24.  Nightmares (04:39)
Written by Martha Davis and Kevin M. Gilbert, performed by C-Spot Run
25.  Solitude (04:08)
Written by Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Eddie Delangie, arrangement by Barry DeVorzon
26.  An Interview with Barry DeVorzon (08:46)

Total Duration: 01:11:26
Track listing contributed by JuPe

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