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Sliders (1995)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Dennis McCarthy
Mark Mothersbaugh
Stephen Graziano
Anthony Marinelli
Denis M. Hannigan
Danny Lux

Released in:

United States

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DMC CD 10 Image supplied by
Jeffrey Graebner

DMC CD 10  

United States 
Release Date

Music by Dennis McCarthy for the series pilot and the episode "Luck Of The Draw".

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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (01:38)
2.  The Wormhole (01:56)
3.  The First Slide (04:42)
4.  The Ice World (03:16)
5.  Ice Tornado (04:11)
6.  Strange Land (03:33)
7.  The Rescue (02:23)
8.  Wade's Death? (01:46)
9.  Sliders Escape (02:27)
10.  Interlude (01:11)
11.  Finale/End Credits (01:38)
Tracks 1-11 from the pilot
12.  Slide In (00:29)
13.  A New World (01:15)
14.  The Girl's Suicide (02:51)
15.  Jail Break (02:26)
16.  Wade In Danger (01:23)
17.  Slide Out/Quinn Shot (03:12)
Tracks 12-17 from Luck of the Draw
18.  Past, Present, and Future Overture (02:40)
Bonus Track

Total Duration: 00:42:57

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