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Delivering Milo



Delivering Milo (2000)

Craig Safan

Released in:

tv movie

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Compilation Albums

Perseverance PRP-CS-03

Perseverance PRP-CS-03  

United States 
Release Date

Composer produced promo

Also contains music from:
 Mission Of The Shark: The Saga Of The U.S.S. Indianapolis
 Lady Beware
 Legend Of Billie Jean, The
 Corvette Summer
 National Geographic Video: Secrets Of The Titanic
 Bittersweet Waltz, The
 Life Goes On
 Last Starfighter, The

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Lesser Known Favorites

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Collection: 3
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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (01:36)
2.  Mysterious Submarine (02:00)
3.  Rescue (02:05)
tracks 1-3 Mission Of The Shark
4.  Atlantic City (01:29)
5.  Expectations (01:57)
6.  Thoughts On The Boardwalk (02:33)
7.  Birth Pangs (02:30)
tracks 4-7 Delivering Milo
8.  Fantasy (02:15)
9.  Beware's Confrontation (05:36)
10.  Love & Voyeurism (03:02)
tracks 8-10 Lady Beware
11.  Binx Is Shot (02:17)
12.  Moody Beach (01:56)
13.  Rape And Shooting (02:13)
14.  Ending On Fire (04:03)
tracks 11-14 The Legend Of Billy Jean
15.  Bike Hiking (02:35)
16.  The Stingray (02:04)
17.  Death Chase (02:48)
tracks 15-17 Corvette Summer
18.  Titanic Theme (03:27)
19.  Eulogy To The Victims (05:53)
tracks 18-19 National Geographic's, Secrets Of The Titanic
20.  Main Title (02:46)
track 20 The Bittersweet Waltz
21.  End Title (01:00)
track 21 Life Goes On
22.  Just One Star Beyond (03:13)
track 22 The Last Starfighter (vocal by Melissa Manchester)

Total Duration: 00:59:18
Track listing contributed by WorkingWithKnives

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