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My Uncle Silas



My Uncle Silas (2000)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Debbie Wiseman

Released in:

Great Britain

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Universal Classics & Jazz 472 087-2

Universal Classics & Jazz 472 087-2  

Great Britain 
Release Date

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Collection: 28
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  Track listing

1.  The Rogue's Apprentice (03:51)
2.  The Widder (02:54)
3.  Silas The Fighter (01:43)
4.  The Blue Feather (04:42)
5.  Sunday Best (03:10)
6.  Visiting Mrs. Gadsby (04:15)
7.  Queenie By The Sea (02:34)
8.  Silas And Goliath (01:54)
9.  The Revelation (02:46)
10.  Delicate Creatures (02:57)
11.  Ned Hunts Gooseberries (04:02)
12.  Queenie And Silas (01:42)
13.  Caught Poaching (02:26)
14.  The Gorilla (01:50)
15.  The Smell Of Life (01:49)
16.  Lookin' For Mistress White (01:04)
17.  The Wedding (06:17)
18.  Memories Of Mrs. Betts (04:49)
19.  My Uncle Silas (05:30)

Total Duration: 01:00:15
Track listing contributed by JuPe

Compilation Albums

Silva Screen SILKD 6035

Silva Screen SILKD 6035  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Re-recordings with Debbie Wiseman conducting The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Also contains music from:
 Hans Christian Andersen
 Before You Go
 Tom & Viv
 Judge John Deed
 Simon: An English Legionnaire
 Tom's Midnight Garden
 Ugly Duckling, The

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Something Here

Other information
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Collection: 29
Wish list: 5

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  Track listing

1.  Wilde West (02:32)
From "Wilde" (1997)
2.  Hans Christian Andersen (05:09)
From "My Life As a Fairy Tale: Hans Christian Andersen" (2002)
3.  Before You Go (02:53)
From "Before You Go" (2002)
4.  Tom & Viv (08:12)
From "Tom & Viv" (1994)
5.  Judge John Deed (02:47)
From the TV series "Judge John Deed" (2001)
6.  Warriors (04:17)
From the TV miniseries "Warriors" (1999)
7.  My Uncle Silas (04:29)
From the TV series "My Uncle Silas" (2000)
8.  Simon: An English Legionnaire (03:37)
From "Simon: An English Legionnaire" (2002)
9.  Tom's Midnight Garden (03:03)
From "Tom's Midnight Garden" (1999)
10.  Haunted (07:10)
From "Haunted" (1995)
11.  Othello (03:55)
From the TV film "Othello" (2001)
12.  Wilde (05:18)
From "Wilde" (1997)
13.  The Ugly Duckling (17:30)
Concert piece for narrator -Nigel Havers- and orchestra (2002)

Total Duration: 01:10:52
Track listing contributed by angeldibujo

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