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Karla (1965)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Karl-Ernst Sasse

Released in:


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Other information
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Collection: 24
Wish list: 4

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Compilation Albums

Milan CD CH 400 Image supplied by
Bernard Wadbled

Milan CD CH 400  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Spur Der Steine
 Der Teufel Vom Mühlenberg (1955)
 Rat Der Götter, Der
 Corinna Schmidt
 Berlin - Ecke Schönhauser
 Italienisches Capriccio
 Fall Gleiwitz, Der
 Grüne Ungeheuer, Das
 Solange Leben In Mir Ist
 Abenteuer Der Werner Holt, Die
 Spur Des Falken
 Emser Depesche, Die
 Polizeiruf 110
 Zeit Der Einsamkeit, Die
 Ernst Barlach In Güstrow
 Mein Lieber Onkel Hans
 Gabriel Komm Zurück
 Mir Nach, Canaillen!

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Spur Der Steine - Original Motion Picture Soundtracks From DEFA Movies

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 4
Wish list: 0

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  Track listing

1.  Chor Und Tanzszene (07:27)
(Joachim Werzlau & Kurt Bortfeld) DER TEUFEL VOM MÜHLENBERG (1955)
2.  Suite (06:09)
(Hans Eisler) DER RAT DER GÖTTER (1950)
3.  Vorspannmusik (03:09)
(Hans-Hendrik Wehding) CORINNA SCHMIDT (1951)
4.  Vorspannmusik (02:03)
(Günter Klück) BERLIN - ECKE SCHÖNHAUSER (1957)
5.  Serenade (03:19)
(Karl-Ernst Sasse) KARLA (1965)
6.  Suite (10:01)
7.  Vorspannmusik Und Autofahrt (05:48)
(Kurt Schwaen) DER FALL GLEIWITZ (1961)
8.  Abspannmusik (04:04)
(Wolfgang Hohensee) DAS GRÜNE UNGEHEUER (1962)
9.  Abspannmusik (03:23)
10.  Vorspannmusik (01:23)
(Gerhard Wohlgemuth) DIE ABENTEUER DES WERNER HOLT (1965)
11.  Marsch Und Lied (03:35)
(Wolfram Heicking) SPUR DER STEINE (1966)
12.  Thema (04:16)
(Karl-Ernst Sasse) SPUR DES FALKEN (1968)
13.  Vorspannmusik (02:43)
(Gerhard Rosenfeld) DIE EMSER DEPESCHE (1976)
14.  Friedhofsszene Schwarzer Engel (Thema) (02:49)
(Bernd Werfelmeyer) POLIZEIRUF 110 (TV Series), Episode: "Schrottwaage" (1971)
15.  Thema (01:43)
(Bernd Werfelmeyer) DIE ZEIT DER EINSAMKEIT (1984)
16.  Thema (02:38)
(Peter Gotthardt) ERNST BARLACH IN GÜSTROW (1987)
17.  Thema (03:44)
(Wolfgang Thiel) MEIN LIEBER ONKEL HANS (1985)
18.  Komm, Liebste Freundin (03:44)
(Peter Gotthardt) GABRIEL KOMM ZURÜCK (1988)
19.  Thema (03:31)
(André Asriel) MIR NACH, CANAILLEN! (1964)

Total Duration: 01:15:29

Music Club MCCD 127 Image supplied by
Wim van Schaik

Music Club MCCD 127  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Dead Poets Society
 Fort Saganne
 Jean De Florette
 Pirate, La
 Mépris, Le
 Après La Guerre
 Mitt Liv Som Hund
 Manon Des Sources
 Year Of Living Dangerously, The
 Pelle Erobreren
 Babettes Gæstebud

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Cinema Du Monde

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 20
Wish list: 4

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  Track listing

1.  Dead Poets Society - Carpe Diem (04:50)
composed by: Maurice Jarre
2.  Fort Saganne - Générique (04:55)
composed by: Philippe Sarde
3.  Ghost - Unchained Melody (instumental) (04:02)
composed by: North / Zaret
4.  Jean de Florete - Générique et Fin (03:34)
composed by: Jean-Claude Petit
5.  La Pirate - Alma Est Partie (03:10)
composed by: Philippe Sarde
6.  Klara - Serenade Für Klara (03:16)
composed by: Karl-Ernst Sasse
7.  Le Mépris - Theme de Camile (02:32)
composed by: Georges Delerue
8.  Après La Guerre - Au Moulin (11:39)
composed by: Jürgen Knieper
9.  Mit liv som hund (My Life As A Dog) - Uncle Arvidsson's Dream (01:20)
composed by: Björn Isfält
10.  Manon Des Sources - L'Amour D'Ugolin (02:25)
composed by: Jean-Claude Petit
11.  Concert For Alice - Dream In A Blue Night (03:04)
composed by: Louis Crelier
12.  The Year Of Living Dangerously - Kwan's Sacrifice (04:57)
composed by: Maurice Jarre
13.  Pelle The Conquerer - Pelle Eroben (02:41)
composed by: Stefan Nilsson
14.  Jean De Florete - L'Orage (03:22)
composed by: Jean-Claude Petit
15.  Le Grand Chemin - Louis et Martine (02:35)
composed by: Nicola Piovani
16.  Babettes Gæstebud (Babette's Feast) - Pastorale Moderato (06:08)
composed by: Per Nørgård
17.  Benvenuta - Habanera (06:05)
composed by: Frederic Devreese
18.  Mit liv som hund (My Life As A Dog) - My Life As A Dog (01:17)
composed by: Björn Isfält

Total Duration: 01:11:52
Track listing contributed by Wim van Schaik

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