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Seven Chances



Seven Chances (1925)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Claude Bolling (new score 1968 for restored version)

Released in:

United States

Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Compilation Albums

Playtime PL 9909050 305 192 Image supplied by

Playtime PL 9909050 305 192  

Release Date

Limited edition of 2,000 copies.

Also contains music from:
 Mur De L'Atlantique, Le
 Magnifique, Le
 Année Sainte, L'
 Trois Hommes à Abattre
 Doucement Les Basses
 Jour Et L'Heure, Le
 Brigades Du Tigre, Les
 Flic Story
 To Catch A Spy
 Awakening, The
 Mandarine, La
 Gitan, Le
 Homme En Colère, L'
 Revanche, La
 Léopard, Le
 Netchaïev Est De Retour
 On Ne Meurt Que 2 Fois
 Gitane, La
 Hasards Ou Coïncidences

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Bolling Story

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Collection: 32
Wish list: 3

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  Track listing

1.  Thème (02:22)
from "Borsalino" by Claude Bolling
2.  God Bless Rugby (02:28)
from "Le Mur De L'Atlantique" by Claude Bolling and Jack Fishman (paroles)
3.  Tatiana (02:55)
from "Le Magnifique" by Claude Bolling
4.  Mexican Paradise (03:18)
from "Le Magnifique" by Claude Bolling
5.  En Cavale (générique de fin)
from "L'Année Sainte" by Claude Bolling,René Gary (harmonica)
6.  Thème (05:55)
from "Trois Hommes A Abattre" by Claude Bolling
7.  Le Vent (03:33)
from"Doucement Les Basses" by Claude Bolling
8.  Thème Résistance et Final (03:33)
from "Le Jour Et L'Heure" by Claude Bolling
9.  La Complainte Des Apaches (02:11)
from "Les Brigades Du Tigre" by Claude Bolling,Henri Dijan (paroles) and performed by Philippe Clay
10.  Fiancées En Folie (02:58)
from "Seven Chances" (1968 restored version) by Claude Bolling
11.  Flic Story Thème (03:30)
from "Flic Story" by Claude Bolling,Roland Romanelli (accordéon)
12.  Thème Principal (03:30)
from "Catch Me A Spy" by Claude Bolling
13.  Queen Kara (générique) (02:46)
from "The Awakening" by Claude Bolling
14.  Thème Principal (02:56)
from "La Mandarine" by Claude Bolling,performed by Eliane Varon (vocal)
15.  Cousin Django (03:21)
from "Le Gitan" by Claude Bolling,Sansky (violon)
16.  Le Labyrinthe (04:43)
from "Un Homme En Colère" by Claude Bolling
17.  Générique (01:47)
from "La Revanche" by Claude Bolling
18.  Louisana Waltz (03:52)
from "Louisane" by Claude Bolling,Felix Landau (paroles) performed by Dee-Dee Bridgewater
19.  Générique (03:13)
from "Le Léopard" by Claude Bolling
20.  On Ne Meurt Que Deux Fois (03:24)
from "On Ne Meurt Que Deux Fois" by Claude Bolling,Pierre Gossez (saxophone)
21.  Le Grand Voyage Autour Du Monde (05:54)
from "La Gitane" by Claude Bolling
22.  Marroux (générique de fin) (02:46)
from "Netchaïev Est De Retour" by Claude Bolling
23.  Vacances Aux Vaches Noires (03:39)
from "Hasards ou Coïncidences" by Claude Bolling

Total Duration: 01:14:34
Track listing contributed by flupkeke

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