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I'm No Angel - Mae West

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I'm No Angel - Mae West



I'm No Angel - Mae West (1996)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Frank Skinner
Ralph Rainger
John Leipold
Shelton Brooks
Stephan Pasternacki
Karl Hajos
Howard Jackson
Herman Hand
Hermann Kopp
Heinz Roemheld
Arthur Johnston
Sam Coslow
Tom Satterfield
Sammy Fain
Irving Kahal
Victor Young
George E. Stoll
Leo Shuken
Herbert Taylor

Released in:

Great Britain

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Jasmine JASCD 102 Image supplied by
Piet van de Merwe

Jasmine JASCD 102  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Track 1-6 The original commercial recordings; track 7-28 the film soundtracks.

Also contains music from:
 My Little Chickadee
 She Done Him Wrong
 I'm No Angel
 Belle Of The Nineties
 Goin' To Town
 Klondike Annie
 Go West Young Man
 Every Day's A Holiday

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Collection: 5
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  Track listing

1.  I Like A Guy What Takes His Time (02:46)
Brunswick Records B13037A
2.  Easy Rider (02:26)
Brunswick Records B13038A
3.  I'm No Angel (03:38)
Brunswick Records LA 33A
4.  I Found A New Way To Go To Town (02:45)
Brunswick Records LA 34A
5.  I Want You, I Need You (02:39)
Brunswick Records LA 62A
6.  They Call Me Sister Honky Tonk (03:08)
Brunswick Records LA 61A
7.  Willie Of The Valley (02:30)
My Little Chickadee
8.  I Like A Guy What Takes His Time (00:58)
She Done Him Wrong
9.  Easy Rider (02:21)
She Done Him Wrong
10.  Frankie And Johnny (02:42)
She Done Him Wrong
11.  They Call Me Sister Honky Tonk (02:38)
I'm No Angel
12.  That Dallas Man (01:24)
I'm No Angel
13.  I Found A New Way To Go To Town (02:06)
I'm No Angel
14.  I Want You, I Need You (03:51)
I'm No Angel
15.  I'm No Angel (01:46)
I'm No Angel
16.  When A St. Louis Woman Comes Down To New Orleans (02:01)
Belle Of The Nineties
17.  My Old Flame (02:05)
Belle Of The Nineties
18.  Memphis Blues (01:37)
Belle Of The Nineties
19.  Troubled Waters (04:15)
Belle Of The Nineties
20.  He's A Bad, Bad Man (02:04)
Goin' To Town
21.  Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix (Softly Awakes My Heart) (03:04)
Goin' To Town
22.  I'm An Occidental Woman In An Oriental Mood For Love (02:01)
Klondike Annie
23.  Mister Deep Blue Sea (01:51)
Klondike Annie
24.  Little Bar Butterfly (01:35)
Klondike Annie
25.  On A Typical Tropical Night (01:53)
Go West, Young Man
26.  I Was Saying To The Moon (02:25)
Go West, Young Man
27.  Fifi (04:39)
Every Day's A Holiday
28.  Now I'm A Lady (02:06)
Goin' To Town

Total Duration: 01:09:14
Track listing contributed by Piet van de Merwe

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