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Gamera Trilogy (1995)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Tadashi Yamauchi
Chuji Kinoshita

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King Records KICA-236, 237, 238 Image supplied by
American Nightmare

King Records KICA-236, 237, 238  

Release Date

3-disc box set.

Also contains music from:
 Daikaijû Gamera
 Daikaijû Kessen: Gamera Tai Barugon
 Gamera Tai Gyaosu

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Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 3
Wish list: 4

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  Track listing

Disc/Cassette 1

1.  Eskimo Village
2.  Main Title
3.  The Devil’s Envoy - Gamera
4.  No Sign of the Ship
5.  News of the World
6.  Good Luck Charm
7.  Toshio Releases Chibi - Gamera Appears
8.  Toshio Searches for Chibi
9.  The Legend of Gamera
10.  Operation to Freeze Gamera - On His Back - Gamera Can Fly!
11.  Toshio’s Theme
12.  Where Has Gamera Gone?
13.  Fear of Gamera
14.  Dance Club BGM
15.  Gamera Attacks Tokyo
16.  Z Plan
17.  Luring Gamera to Oshima
18.  Trail of Fire
19.  Gamera Into Space - Ending
20.  Toshio’s Sadness
Unused Score
21.  Toshio’s Sadness
Unused Horn Solos
22.  Electronic Noise - Low
23.  Electronic Noise - High

Disc/Cassette 2

1.  Main Title - Return to Earth
2.  Swabbing the Deck
3.  Native Dance (Koto Drums)
4.  Not-So-Friendly Natives
5.  Into the Twenty Valleys
6.  The Gem
7.  Drums
8.  Ancient Danger
9.  Infrared Incubation
10.  Disaster at Kobe Docks
11.  Barugon at Kobe Docks
12.  Gamera Appears
13.  Gamera vs. Barugon
14.  Barugon Freezes Gamera
15.  Karen Bandages the Wound
16.  Diamond Lure
17.  Barugon Follows Diamond Light
18.  Onodera’s End
19.  Barugon’s Destruction
20.  Building the Mirror
21.  Turning His Ray Against Him
22.  No Hope
23.  Gamera Revives
24.  Dragging Barugon Under - Finale
25.  Island Apprehension
26.  Drums
Alternate Version
27.  Mysterious Legends
28.  Onodera’s End
Alternate Version
29.  Turning His Ray Against Him
Alternate Version
30.  Dragging Barugon Under - Finale
Alternate Version
31.  Koto Music
32.  Koto - Sixth Degree
Alternate Version

Disc/Cassette 3

1.  Volcano
2.  Gamera to Mt. Fuji - Main Title
3.  Mysterious Rays
4.  The Barrier
5.  The Glowing Pit
6.  The Cave
7.  Gyaos’ First Meal/Gamera Rescues Eichi
8.  Air Attack
9.  Village Diet
10.  Fear of Gyaos
11.  Radio BGM - Fast
12.  Radio BGM - Slow
13.  Gyaos Rises
14.  Gamera Returns
15.  Gyaos Regenerates #1
16.  Gyaos Regenerates #2
17.  Operation Rotation
18.  Blood Lure
19.  Village Shame
20.  Operation Forest Fire
21.  Finale Battle
22.  Song of Gamera
Film Version
23.  Song of Gamera
Instrumental Version
24.  The Barrier
Alternate Version
25.  Gamera Rescues Eichi
Alternate Version
26.  Radio BGM - Fast
Speaker Mix
27.  Radio BGM - Slow
Speaker Mix
28.  Song of Gamera
29.  Combat Between Gamera and Gyaos

Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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