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Uchu Daikaijû Girara



Uchu Daikaijû Girara (1967)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Shunsuke Kikuchi
Taku Izumi

Released in:



Also known as:
  • Gilala (1967)
  • Big Space Monster Guilala (1967)
  • Girara (1967)
  • X from Outer Space, The (1967, United States)

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VAP Inc. Records VPCD-81097

VAP Inc. Records VPCD-81097  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro
 Konchu Daisenso

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Collection: 7
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  Track listing

1.  Guilala's Rock (Main Title) (01:33)
vocal by The Bonny Jacks
2.  Astroboard Departure (03:52)
3.  U.F.O. (02:11)
4.  What Fun, The Moon World (03:22)
5.  The Enigmatic Radiating Substance (03:26)
6.  The Monster Of Oowakudani ~ Guilala's Advance (05:15)
7.  AAB-Gamma To The Moon! (Rearrangement Of "Guilala's Rock") (02:52)
8.  The Guilala Guidance Strategy (04:07)
9.  The Ballad Of The Moon And The Stars (Ending Theme) (02:56)
vocal by Chieko Baishou
10.  Guilala's Rock (Main Title - Without Vocals) (01:41)
TRACKS 1-10: Uchuu Daikaijuu Girara (aka. X From Outer Space) (1967) composed by Taku Izumi
11.  Main Title (01:51)
12.  The Abandoned People (03:15)
13.  Vampire From Space (04:51)
14.  Gokemidoro's Influence (05:02)
15.  The Final Escape (06:14)
16.  The World Becomes Silent ~ Ending (02:51)
TRACKS 11-16: Kyuuketsuki Gokemidoro (aka. Vampire Gokemidoro) (1968) composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi
17.  Main Title (01:18)
18.  South Asian Archipelago ~ The Bomber, Crashing (03:00)
19.  You Murderer! ~ Love Theme (02:29)
20.  Mankind Massacre ("Genocide") (04:18)
21.  The Organism Experiment (05:02)
22.  Death Of The Parliament (03:32)
23.  Mankind's Last Sun Sets ~ Ending (00:54)
TRACKS 17-23: Konchuu Daisensou (aka. The Great Insect War) (1968) composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi

Total Duration: 01:15:52
Track listing contributed by Eddy

Compilation Albums

VAP VPCD-81167 Image supplied by

VAP VPCD-81167  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Bijo To Ekitainingen
 Denso Ningen
 Gasu Ningen Daiichigo
 Mosura Tai Gojira
 Gojira-Ebira-Mosura: Nankai No Daiketto
 Kaijûtô No Kessen: Gojira No Musuko
 Gojira Tai Mekagojira
 Furankenshutain Tai Chitei Kaijû Baragon
 Gamera Tai Daikaijû Giron
 Gojira-Minira-Gabara: Oru Kaijû Daishingeki
 Gamera Tai Shinkai Kaijû Jigura
 Gojira Tai Hedora
 Gojira Tai Megaro

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Monster Club Compile

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Collection: 1
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