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TeeVee Toons: The Commercials

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TeeVee Toons: The Commercials (1989)

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United States

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Tee Vee Toons TVT 1400-2  

United States 
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Collection: 11
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  Track listing

1.  Kellogg's Rice Krispies - Snap Crackle Pop
2.  Chiquita Bananas - I'm a Chiquita Banana
3.  Good & Plenty - Choo Choo Charlie
4.  Marshmallow Fluff - If You Like Fluff Fluff Fluff
5.  Mounds & Almond Joy Candy Bars - Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut
6.  Hershey's Chocolate Bars - There's Nothing Like the Face
7.  Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies - Do You Know Exactly How
8.  Cracker Jack - Candy-Coated Popcorn, Peanuts and a Prize
9.  Coca-Cola - I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke
10.  Coca-Cola - It's the Real Thing
11.  Coca-Cola - Things Go Better with Coke
12.  Pepsi Cola - Come Alive
13.  Dr. Pepper - Be a Pepper
14.  Rice-a-Roni - The San Francisco Treat
15.  Armour Hot Dogs - The Dogs Kids Love to Bite
16.  Hawaiian Punch Fruit Punch - Fruit Juicy
17.  Bosco - I Love Bosco
18.  Nestles Quik Chocolate Flavor - N-E-S-T-L-E-S
19.  Slinky - It's Slinky
20.  Polaroid Swinger - Meet the Swinger
21.  Fab Laundry Detergent - Oh Fab, I'm Glad
22.  Ajax Laundry Detergent - Stronger than Dirt
23.  Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner - Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean
24.  Ajax Cleanser - Use Ajax the Foaming Cleanser
25.  Ken-L Ration Dog & Puppy Food - My Dog's Better than Your Dog
26.  Meow Mix Cat Food - Meow Meow Meow Meow
27.  NYS Dept. of Safety (PSA) - In the Middle In the Middle In the Middle
28.  Budweiser Beer - When You Say Bud
29.  Lowenbrau Beer - Here's to Good Friends
30.  Miller High Life - If You've Got the Time
31.  Schaefer Beer - Schaefer Is the One Beer to Have
32.  Schlitz Beer - When You're Out of Schlitz
33.  Colt 45 Malt Liquor - A Completely Unique Experience
34.  Rheingold Extra Dry Beer - My Beer Is Rheingold, the Dry Beer
35.  Ballantine Premium Lager Beer - Add a Ring
36.  Ballantine Premium Lager Beer - Hey Get Your Cold Beer
37.  Kent Cigarettes - To a Smoker It's a Kent
38.  Winston Cigarettes - Winston Tastes Good
39.  Salem Cigarettes - You Can Take Salem Out of the Country
40.  Theme from "The Magnificent 7" (The Marlboro Song)
41.  Health PSA - Like Father Like Son
42.  Chevrolet Motors - See the U.S.A.
43.  Texaco - Texaco Star Theme
44.  Muriel Cigars - Pick One Up and Smoke It Sometime
45.  Muriel Cigars - Hey Big Spender
46.  Brylcreem - A Little Dab'll Do Ya
47.  Dippity Do Styling Gel - Dippity-Do, Dippity-Do
48.  Noxzema Shave Cream - The Stripper (Take It Off)
49.  Gillette Blue Blades - How're You Fixed for Blades
50.  Gillette Blue Blades - Look Sharp March
51.  Old Spice Long Lasting Cologne - The Mariner
52.  Chock Full o' Nuts Coffee - Chock Full o' Nuts Is That Heavenly Coffee
53.  Sara Lee - Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee
54.  Alka Seltzer Effervescent Antacid - Plop Plop Fizz Fizz
55.  Alka Seltzer Effervescent Antacid - The Shape Your Stomach's In

Track listing contributed by bearguyva

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