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We're No Angels



We're No Angels (1989)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
George Fenton

Released in:

United States

Comedy, Crime, Drama, Indie

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Varese Sarabande CD Club VCL 9201.12

Varese Sarabande CD Club VCL 9201.12  

United States 
Release Date

Limited edition of 1,500 copies. Incorrect label number on front cover, back cover and disc! Only spine shows the right number! Limited edition of 1,500 copies.

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Collection: 80
Wish list: 8

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  Track listing

1.  Introduction And Main Titles: "We're No Angels" (03:59)
2.  Escape From Northridge (04:12)
3.  First Light (03:02)
4.  Fathers Brown And Riley (03:52)
5.  The Waterside (01:27)
6.  The Weeping Madonna (02:19)
7.  More Trouble (02:12)
8.  Molly's Theme (02:01)
9.  Almost Home Free (01:51)
10.  The Tavern (01:17)
11.  "Get Me That Priest" (01:41)
12.  Drawing The Lottery (02:44)
13.  The Dam (04:13)
14.  "Free Street" (03:09)
15.  "We're No Angels" End Credits (03:08)

Total Duration: 00:41:07
Track listing contributed by Felipe Vásquez

Compilation Albums

Varese Sarabande VCL 0703 1021

Varese Sarabande VCL 0703 1021  

United States 
Release Date

CD Club release.

Also contains music from:
 Kings Row
 Mr. Destiny
 Gold Diggers: The Secret Of Bear Mountain
 Boy Who Could Fly, The
 Adventures Of Huck Finn, The
 Animal Farm
 Mouse Hunt
 My Dog Skip
 Amazing Grace And Chuck
 Bed And Breakfast
 Free Willy 3: The Rescue
 Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael
 I'll Do Anything
 War Of The Buttons
 Deep Blue Sea
 Burbs, The
 Dragonheart: A New Beginning
 Amazing Stories
 Sky Bandits
 Kull The Conqueror
 Terminal Velocity
 Vertical Limit
 Drop Zone
 Watcher, The
 Man On Fire
 Big Kahuna, The
 This World, Then The Fireworks
 Touch Of Evil
 Man Who Knew Too Little, The
 Cool World
 Triumph Of The Spirit
 On The Beach
 Poslední Motýl
 Big Man, The
 And The Band Played On
 It's My Party
 Careful, He Might Hear You
 Return To Paradise
 Tailor Of Panama, The
 Linguini Incident, The
 Mrs. Parker And The Vicious Circle
 Guilty By Suspicion
 White Palace
 All Forgotten
 Zelly And Me
 Dead Again
 Dolores Claiborne
 Pacific Heights
 Cruel Intentions
 Wild Things
 Presumed Innocent
 Stars Fell On Henrietta, The
 Rich In Love
 Stand, The
 Golden Gate
 M. Butterfly
 Pavilion Of Women
 Much Ado About Nothing
 Christopher Columbus: The Discovery

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Varese Sarabande - A 25th Anniversary Celebration, Volume 2

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 202
Wish list: 32

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  Track listing

Disc/Cassette 1

1.  Kings Row (01:55)
Erich Wolfgang Korngold
2.  Mr. Destiny (05:04)
David Newman
3.  Gold Diggers (03:39)
Joel McNeely
4.  The Boy Who Could Fly (04:31)
Bruce Broughton
5.  The Adventures of Huck Finn (04:44)
Bill Conti
6.  Animal Farm (03:41)
Richard Harvey
7.  Paulie (06:48)
John Debney
8.  Mouse Hunt (02:39)
Alan Silvestri
9.  My Dog Skip (03:21)
William Ross
10.  Diamonds (01:51)
Joel Goldsmith
11.  Amazing Grace and Chuck (05:24)
Elmer Bernstein
12.  Bed and Breakfast (02:42)
David Shire
13.  Kimberly (02:37)
Basil Poledouris
14.  Free Willy 3 (04:04)
Cliff Eidelman
15.  Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael (01:57)
Thomas Newman
16.  I’ll Do Anything (07:15)
Hans Zimmer
17.  War of the Buttons (04:32)
Rachel Portman
18.  Lionheart (08:34)
Jerry Goldsmith

Disc/Cassette 2

1.  Deep Blue Sea (02:47)
Trevor Rabin
2.  Evolution (02:22)
John Powell
3.  The ’Burbs (04:10)
Jerry Goldsmith
4.  Dragonheart: A New Beginning (04:49)
Mark McKenzie
5.  Amazing Stories: The Mission (05:11)
John Williams
6.  Sky Bandits (03:56)
Alfi Kabiljo
7.  Kull The Conquerer (02:01)
Joel Goldsmith
8.  Terminal Velocity (05:43)
Joel McNeely
9.  Vertical Limit (04:28)
James Newton Howard
10.  Drop Zone (04:14)
Hans Zimmer
11.  The Watcher (03:26)
Marco Beltrami
12.  Alien 3 (04:21)
Elliot Goldenthal
13.  Man On Fire (04:40)
John Scott
14.  We’re No Angels (03:59)
George Fenton
15.  The Big Kahuna (06:10)
Christopher Young
16.  This World, Then The Fireworks (03:24)
Pete Rugulo
17.  Touch of Evil (03:28)
Henry Mancini
18.  The Man Who Knew Too Little (02:39)
Christopher Young
19.  Cool World (04:38)
Mark Isham

Disc/Cassette 3

1.  Triumph of the Spirit (02:23)
Cliff Eidelman
2.  On The Beach (06:33)
Christopher Gordon
3.  The Last Butterfly (04:24)
Alex North
4.  Crossing the Line (03:26)
Ennio Morricone
5.  And the Band Played On (04:33)
Carter Burwell
6.  It’s My Party (03:19)
Basil Poledouris
7.  Careful, He Might Hear You (03:59)
Ray Cook
8.  Return to Paradise (04:28)
Mark Mancina
9.  Instinct (03:06)
Danny Elfman
10.  The Tailor of Panama (04:13)
Shawn Davey
11.  The Linguini Incident (03:08)
Thomas Newman
12.  Mrs. Parker and The Vicious Circle (04:59)
Mark Isham
13.  Mobsters (04:46)
Michael Small
14.  Guilty by Suspicion (03:45)
James Newton Howard
15.  White Palace (03:06)
George Fenton
16.  Lover’s Prayer (04:16)
Joel McNeely
17.  Lovesick (05:58)
Philippe Sarde
18.  Zelly and Me (04:31)
Pino Donaggio

Disc/Cassette 4

1.  Dead Again (03:24)
Patrick Doyle
2.  Dolores Claiborne (05:14)
Danny Elfman
3.  Pacific Heights (07:27)
Hans Zimmer
4.  Bloodline (02:47)
Ennio Morricone
5.  Bliss (04:14)
Jan A. P. Kaczmarek
6.  Cruel Intentions (02:17)
John Ottman
7.  Wild Things (02:56)
George S. Clinton
8.  Presumed Innocent (04:12)
John Williams
9.  Damage (03:01)
Zbigniew Preisner
10.  The Stars Fell on Henrietta (04:18)
David Benoit
11.  Rich In Love (03:50)
Georges Delerue
12.  The Stand (06:00)
W.G. Snuffy Walden
13.  Golden Gate (03:36)
Elliot Goldenthal
14.  M. Butterfly (02:01)
Howard Shore
15.  Pavilion of Women (02:52)
Conrad Pope
16.  Tai Pan (03:48)
Maurice Jarre
17.  Othello (03:13)
Charlie Mole
18.  Much Ado About Nothing (04:19)
Patrick Doyle
19.  Christopher Columbus: The Discovery (07:27)
Cliff Eidelman

Total Duration: 05:03:33

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