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Rising Damp



Rising Damp (1980)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
David Lindup
Brian Wade (title song)

Released in:

Great Britain

Comedy, Foreign

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Compilation Albums

GDI Records GDICD004

GDI Records GDICD004  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 On The Buses
 On The Buses
 Holiday On The Buses
 Love Thy Neighbour
 Mutiny On The Buses
 Up The Creek
 Man About The House
 George And Mildred
 Further Up The Creek
 Nearest And Dearest
 I Only Arsked!
 That's Your Funeral

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Hammer Comedy Film Music Collection

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 22
Wish list: 3

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  Track listing

1.  Title Song - 'It's a Great Life on the Buses' (03:59)
2.  End Credits (01:41)
(1-2 from "On The Buses" by Geoff Unwin, 1971)
3.  Theme (02:37)
(3 from "Mutiny On The Buses" by Ron Grainer, 1972)
4.  Theme (01:03)
5.  Arriving at the Holiday Camp (00:56)
6.  Stan's Mystery Tour (01:11)
7.  Blakey's Dance Contest (01:29)
(4-7 from "Holiday On The Buses" by Denis King, 1973)
8.  Title Song - 'Love Thy Neighbour' (02:21)
9.  The Quiz (01:22)
10.  The Cruise (01:49)
(8-10 from "Love Thy Neighbour" by Albert Elms, 1973)
11.  Theme (01:13)
(11 from "Up The Creek" by Tony Lowry, 1958)
12.  Title Song - 'Man About The House' (02:23)
13.  Larry and Jo (02:38)
14.  Robin and Chrissy (01:43)
15.  The Chase to Thames Television (01:02)
(12-15 from "Man About The House" by Christopher Gunning, 1974)
16.  Theme (01:29)
17.  George and Mildred Arrive at the CafĂ© (02:20)
18.  George vs Jacko (02:29)
19.  The Chase (04:00)
20.  Finale and End Credits (02:47)
(16-20 from "George And Mildred" by Les Reed, 1980)
21.  Theme (01:49)
(21 from "Further Up The Creek" by Stanley Black, 1958)
22.  Title Song - 'Nearest and Dearest' (02:28)
23.  'The More You Laugh' (01:47)
(22-23 from "Nearest And Dearest" by Derek Hilton, 1972)
24.  Title Song - 'Rising Damp' (03:07)
25.  The Picnic (01:20)
26.  Love Wood (00:50)
27.  Rigsby and Miss Jones (02:13)
28.  Miss Jones Awaits Rigsby (00:48)
(24-28 from "Rising Damp" by Brian Wade (22), David Lindup (23-25), 1980)
29.  Theme (01:31)
30.  'Alone Together' (02:07)
(29-30 from "I Only Arsked" by Benjamin Frankel (29), Walter Ridley and Sid Colin (30), 1958)
31.  Opening Scenes (02:13)
32.  Opening Credits (02:36)
33.  Race of the Hearses (03:04)
34.  End Credits (01:10)
(31-34 from "That's Your Funeral" by David Whitaker, 1972)
35.  'It's a Great Life on the Buses' (vocal only) (03:28)
(35 bonus track from "On The Buses")
36.  Title Song - Rigsby version (02:59)
37.  'Santa Lucia' (vocal only) (01:23)
(36-37 bonus tracks from "Rising Damp")

Total Duration: 01:15:25
Track listing contributed by Dorian

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