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Friday The 13th (2009)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Steve Jablonsky

Released in:

United States


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New Line Records NLR39143 Image supplied by
Adam Krysinski (

New Line Records NLR39143  

United States 
Release Date

Exclusively available through

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  Track listing

1.  Sister Christian (05:02)
Performed by Night Ranger
2.  Freak Your Loneliness (03:19)
Performed by The Bumblebeez
3.  Get 'Em Up (02:00)
Performed by Classic
4.  Post Millennium Extinction Blues (03:39)
Performed by Living Things
5.  She Does (01:53)
Performed by Locksley
6.  My Favourite Book (04:04)
Performed by Stars
7.  Tick Tick Boom (03:26)
Performed by The Hives
8.  Doin' Things (03:32)
Performed by Three AM
9.  I Like It, I Love It (03:44)
Performed by Lyrics Born
10.  Night Train (03:04)
Performed by The Kills
11.  No Way To Stop It (03:09)
Performed by Jimmy Gresham
12.  Shove It (feat. Spank Rock) (03:45)
Performed by Santigold
13.  Friday The 13th - Opening Title (03:41)
Performed by Steve Jablonsky

Total Duration: 00:44:18
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

New Line Records SK 51336  

United States 
Release Date

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Collection: 5
Wish list: 1

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  Track listing

1.  Main Titles (03:42)
2.  Old Tales of Camp Blood (01:02)
3.  Worrying Whitney (00:24)
4.  Sleeping Ke-Bag (00:58)
Unreleased track
5.  Kill Wade/The Vorhees House (01:00)
6.  Finding the Locket (01:11)
7.  Sleeping Ke-Bag (01:11)
8.  Chasing Whitney (02:42)
9.  Back to the Barn (00:23)
10.  Jason Finds the Mask (01:07)
11.  Chelsea Swims Away (01:53)
12.  Under the Dock (01:55)
13.  Hiding in Camp Blood/Warn My Friends (02:00)
14.  Whitney in Chains (03:33)
15.  Run Whitney Run (01:48)
16.  Chewie Tunes Out (01:37)
17.  Jason Finds Whitney (00:37)
18.  Lights Out !/Lawrence Looks For Chewie (03:36)
19.  Back Axe (01:00)
20.  Power Goes Out Here All The Time (01:39)
21.  Curtains for Bree (00:33)
22.  Jason Kills the Police/He Killed Bree (01:35)
23.  Codename: Runaway from Jason (00:50)
24.  Trent's Truck of Terror (01:44)
25.  Clay Finds Whitney/Jenna is Jabbed (01:35)
26.  Bus Shelter (01:00)
27.  Clay vs. Jason/Locked in Chains/Say Hi To Mommy (04:09)
28.  End Credits (05:41)

Total Duration: 00:50:25

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