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Lesbian Vampire Killers



Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Debbie Wiseman

Released in:

Great Britain

Comedy, Horror, Foreign

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Silva Screen SILCD1284

Silva Screen SILCD1284  

Great Britain 
Release Date

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Collection: 39
Wish list: 4

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  Track listing

1.  Centuries Ago... (03:13)
2.  Adv_nture (02:03)
3.  At the Olde Mircalla Cottage (01:47)
4.  Have You Been Hanging Out with Vicars? (02:18)
5.  I Know Something Really Wrong Is Happening Here, But Is There Any Chance We Can Just Ignore It? (02:45)
6.  Vampires? Lesbian Vampires! (02:56)
7.  Run You Bellends! (02:49)
8.  You're a Virgin? (01:28)
9.  Give Me One Last Kiss (01:09)
10.  My aXe Girlfriend (01:07)
11.  Full-On Lesbian Vampire Attack! (03:43)
12.  The Dawn of the Red Moon (06:06)
13.  Jimmy, I Love You (01:27)
14.  All Grown Up (03:10)
15.  The Crypt of Carmilla (02:05)
16.  Carmilla, the Vampire Queen (03:22)
17.  Whores of Fucking Hades, Prepare for Fucking Death! (02:29)
18.  Lesbian Vampire Killers (05:34)
19.  Lesbian Vampire Killers It Is... Let's Ride! (01:28)
20.  Under the Moon of Love (03:13)
performed by Showaddywaddy

Total Duration: 00:54:12
Track listing contributed by JuPe

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