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Secret Of Moonacre, The



Secret Of Moonacre, The (2008)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Christian Henson

Released in:

Hungary, Great Britain, France

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Family, Foreign

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Movie Score Media MMS-09006

Movie Score Media MMS-09006  

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Collection: 42
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  Track listing

1.  Opening Titles (02:31)
2.  The Journey to Moonacre (01:52)
3.  Robin Attacks / Arrival at Moonacre (01:01)
4.  Into the Book (03:48)
5.  Marmaduke Scarlet (02:12)
6.  Maria's Room (01:32)
7.  Into the Forest (02:21)
8.  The Moonacre Curse (03:11)
9.  Milk and Cookies (01:22)
10.  Running from Moonacre / Loveday (01:42)
11.  The 5,000th Moon (02:40)
12.  “I'm Glad That You're Back” (00:53)
13.  Maria Is Captured (04:50)
14.  The Two Moon Princesses (01:38)
15.  Maria Escapes (05:14)
16.  Apology Tango (01:28)
17.  Setting the Bait (01:33)
18.  The Search Begins (02:05)
19.  Robin and Wrolf Are Captured (01:41)
20.  Little White Horse Leads On / Chase Through the Forest (05:55)
21.  Back Where It All Began (01:41)
22.  Maria's Sacrifice (02:08)
23.  Sea Horses (02:27)
24.  Love Waltz (02:21)
25.  All's Well That End's Well (04:14)
26.  Stars (02:57)
featuring Skye

Total Duration: 01:05:17
Track listing contributed by Dorian

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