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Legend Of Silkboy, The (2010)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Alain Mayrand

Released in:

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MovieScore Media MMS-10015

MovieScore Media MMS-10015  

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  Track listing

1.  Soaring Over Old London (01:49)
2.  Xu Rongcun's London Escapade (01:41)
3.  The Filthington Family March (01:56)
4.  The Queen's Presentation (01:13)
5.  Filthington's Forced Exit (01:38)
6.  Tammy and Silkboy (02:55)
7.  The Clash of the Robot Gladiators (02:36)
8.  The Deceitful Entreaties of Filthington (02:29)
9.  Tammy's Bad Day (01:42)
10.  What's Wrong with Following My Dreams? (03:53)
11.  Sneaking In (03:33)
12.  Sucked into the Magical Painting (01:41)
13.  Rough Landing / Meeting Lucky and Anya (02:39)
14.  Spores on the Wind! (03:36)
15.  Round 'Em Up and Move 'Em Out! / Filthington's Conjuring Mishap (02:56)
16.  Arrival at the Enchanted Forest (03:01)
17.  Filthington's Lament (01:09)
18.  Over the Hill, Across the Desert and Into the Sandstorm (02:05)
19.  Bubble Flight Over The Great Tree / Meeting the Ginseng King (01:49)
20.  The Ginseng Slammatocious Vibe (03:17)
21.  The Epic Battle for the Talismans (02:47)
22.  The Goddess Revealed (02:40)
23.  Return to Shanghai / Grandfather's Great Escape (02:50)
24.  Engage! (01:07)
25.  The Fantastic Highway Chase: Part I (03:43)
26.  The Fantastic Highway Chase: Part II (02:01)
27.  The Flying Bus / The Jaws of Doom (01:45)
28.  A Flower Done Wrong / Arriving at Destination (01:50)
29.  Freeing the Goddess (01:13)
30.  Filthington's Bluff / The Goddess Departs (01:35)
31.  Saying Farewell (01:38)
32.  All Is Well that End's Well... Almost! (01:42)
33.  "One Boy's Dream" (02:32)

Total Duration: 01:15:01
Track listing contributed by JuPe

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