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American, The



American, The (2010)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Herbert Grönemeyer

Released in:

United States

Crime, Drama, Suspense, Thriller

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EMI Germany 9183772 Image supplied by

EMI Germany 9183772  

Release Date

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Collection: 20
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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (03:19)
2.  The Chalet (02:07)
3.  1st Call to Pavel (Excerpt) (00:16)
4.  Gun Assembly (01:55)
5.  La Bambola (02:59)
Patty Pravo
6.  Madame Butterfly LIb. Giacosa and Illica (2002 Digital Remaster), Act 2: Un Bel Dì Vedremo (04:31)
Maria Callas/Philharmonia Orchestra/Tullio Serafin
7.  Test of Trust (Excerpt) (00:37)
8.  Filling the Bullets (01:26)
9.  Let's Meet Somewhere New (01:46)
10.  Car Chase (01:31)
11.  Tu Vuò Fà L'Americano (2001 Digital Remaster) (03:21)
Renato Carosone
12.  Bad Dreams (01:11)
13.  Dinner Date (00:54)
14.  After Dinner (01:02)
15.  The Sweets Tin (02:21)
16.  Stay Forever (00:39)
17.  Drive to the Exchange (02:06)
18.  Nel Giardino Dell' Amore (03:02)
Patty Pravo
19.  The Procession (02:16)
20.  Mr. Butterfly's Last Journey (02:16)
21.  End Credits (Guitar) (00:57)
22.  End Credits (Piano) (01:55)
23.  Window of My Eyes (03:27)
Cuby & The Blizzards
24.  Jack Gathers Parts (Original Version) (01:36)
25.  The Tunnel (Original Trailer Music) (03:13)

Total Duration: 00:50:43
Track listing contributed by handstand

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