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Pollyanna (2003)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Christopher Gunning

Released in:

Great Britain

Drama, Family

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Caldera Records C6006

Caldera Records C6006  

Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Opening Titles (01:51)
2.  Arriving at Aunt Pollys (01:09)
3.  Not Much of a Welcome (01:37)
4.  Pollyanna Climbs out of the Window (01:09)
5.  The New Car (01:15)
6.  Nocturne (02:15)
7.  Pollyanna Goes Visiting (01:36)
8.  Pollyanna has a Dog (00:39)
9.  Aunt Polly Softens (01:26)
10.  Goodness is Waiting (00:46)
11.  Pollyanna Running to Fetch the Doctor (01:22)
12.  A New Hairdo for Aunt Polly (01:16)
13.  Preparing for the Wedding (01:13)
14.  Pollyanna – A Lifelong Invalid (00:47)
15.  Pray that She May Walk Again (01:55)
16.  Doctor Chilton to the Rescue (00:46)
17.  Treatment for Pollyana (01:51)
18.  Pollyanna's Father (00:42)
19.  The New Room (00:34)
20.  She Said Yes (00:28)
21.  Pendleton Visits Aunt Polly (00:44)
22.  Pollyanna's Beautiful Game (00:53)
23.  Closing Title (00:54)

Bonus Track

24.  Audio Commentary by Christopher Gunning (25:35)

Total Duration: 00:52:43
Track listing contributed by Ivan Sorokin

Compilation Albums

Chandos Movies CHAN 10625

Chandos Movies CHAN 10625  

Great Britain 
Release Date

The BBC Philharmonic conducted by Rumon Gamba. Soloists: Craig Ogden, guitar, Martin Robertson, saxophone and Nicole Tibbels,soprano.
Also available as download.

Also contains music from:
 Môme, La
 Under Suspicion
 Cold Lazarus
 Rosemary & Thyme
 When The Whales Came
 Hollow, The
 Lighthouse Hill

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Film And TV Music Of Christopher Gunning, The

Other information
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Collection: 17
Wish list: 2

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  Track listing

1.  Poirot Variants for alto saxophone and orchestra (08:53)
Martin Robertson saxophone
2.  La Môme Piaf (La vie en rose) (06:17)
Matthew Compton accordion, Nicole Tibbels soprano
3.  Under Suspicion (07:00)
4.  Cold Lazarus (10:15)
5.  The Rosemary and Thyme Caprice (03:59)
Craig Ogden guitar
6.  Rebecca (06:38)
Julia Bradshaw cello
7.  Pollyanna (06:17)
8.  Firelight (07:14)
9.  When the Whales Came (07:12)
Nicole Tibbels soprano
10.  The Hollow (03:14)
Episode of Poirot
11.  Five Little Pigs (03:33)
Episode of Poirot. Yuri Torchinsky violin
12.  Lighthouse Hill (04:27)

Total Duration: 01:14:59

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