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Amália (2008)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Nuno Malo

Released in:


Drama, Music

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MovieScore Media MMS10024

MovieScore Media MMS10024  

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  Track listing

1.  Estranha forma de vida (05:05)
performed by Amália Rodriguez
2.  Lament: Fado Dos Meus Erros (orchestra version) (04:09)
3.  Opening: Close to Death (02:26)
4.  Bola De Berlin (Young Amália) (02:26)
5.  Amália and Santo (03:29)
6.  Nightmare (01:54)
7.  Amália At Her Parents' Home (02:00)
8.  Fruit to Sailors (00:54)
9.  Cesar's Theme (01:09)
10.  Riciardi and Amália (01:19)
11.  The Death of Aninha (01:45)
12.  The Cliff (01:01)
13.  Death in a Taxi (00:41)
14.  The Bridge and X-Ray (00:40)
15.  Amália Tenders to the Poor (00:41)
16.  Making Love / The Beating / The Collapse (03:16)
17.  Trashed Poem (01:25)
18.  The Girl from Israel (01:41)
19.  Amália Remembered (01:11)
20.  Goodbyes (02:20)
21.  Amália: The Ending (01:38)
22.  Lament: Fado Dos Meus Erros (cello version) (04:17)
23.  Vou dar de bebar a dor (02:27)
performed by Amália Rodriguez

Total Duration: 00:47:54
Track listing contributed by JuPe

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