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Cannes Film Festival (50 Years Of Music & Songs)

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Cannes Film Festival (50 Years Of Music & Songs)



Cannes Film Festival (50 Years Of Music & Songs) (1998)


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Milan BMG 48389 Image supplied by
Christian Schwarte

Milan BMG 48389  

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  Track listing

1.  Les 400 Coups (The 400 Blows)
Jean Constantin
2.  La Dolce Vita
Nino Rota, Katyna Ranieri
3.  Un Homme Et Une Femme
Nicole Croisille, Francis Lai
4.  Blow Up
Herbie Hancock
5.  Paradis (La Classe Operaia Va In Paradiso)
Ennio Morricone
6.  Taxi Driver
Bernard Herrmann
7.  Le Tambour (The Tin Drum)
Maurice Jarre
8.  Yol
Sebastian Argol
9.  Fitzcarraldo
Popol Vuh
10.  Papa Est En Voyage D'Affaires (Papa Is On A Bussines Trip)
Zoran Simjanovic
11.  Les Ailes Du Désir (Wings Of Desire)
Jürgen Knieper
12.  Le Sud (Sur)
Astor Piazzolla, Roberto Goyeneche
13.  Pelle Le Conquérant (Pelle The Conqueror)
Stefan Nilsson
14.  Un Monde À Part (A World Apart)
Hans Zimmer
15.  Mystery Train
John Lurie
16.  Barton Fink
Carter Burwell
17.  Toto Le Héros
Charles Trenet
18.  L'Odeur De La Papaye Verte (The Scent Of Green Papaya)
Tôn-Thât Tiêt
19.  Journal Intime (Caro Diario)
Nicola Piovani
20.  Vivre! (Lifetime)
Zhao Jiping
21.  Pulp Fiction
Chuck Berry
22.  La Haine (Hate)
Expression Direkt
23.  Crash
Howard Shore

Track listing contributed by Eddy

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