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Classic TV Game Show Themes (1998)


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 Varese VSD 5881

Varese VSD 5881  

United States 
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  Track listing

1.  Wheel of Fortune (Changing Keys) (02:02)
Opening theme 1983-1991 by Merv Griffin
2.  Jeopardy! (02:10)
Opening theme 1984-1992 by Merv Griffin
3.  What's My Line? (Rollercoaster) (02:53)
Opening theme 1950-1967 by Milton DeLugg and Lou Busch
4.  Password (01:01)
Opening theme 1971-1975 by Robert A. Israel
5.  To Tell The Truth (01:59)
Opening theme 1969-1978 by Robert A. Israel and Paul Alter
6.  Tic Tac Dough (01:47)
Opening theme 1978-1986 by Hal Hidey
7.  The Joker's Wild (02:12)
Opening theme 1977-1986 by Hal Hidey
8.  GE College Bowl (01:20)
Opening theme 1959-1970 by Don Reid
9.  The Wizard of Odds (03:28)
Opening theme 1973-1974 by Alan Thicke
10.  The Dating Game (02:31)
Opening theme 1966-1980 by Chuck Barris and David Mook
11.  The Newlywed Game (02:12)
Opening theme 1966-1980 by Chuck Barris
12.  The $25,000 Pyramid (01:15)
Opening theme 1982-1988 by Bob Cobert
13.  The Price Is Right (01:08)
Opening theme 1972-present by robert A. Israel
14.  Match Game (01:26)
Opening theme 1973-1980 by Robert A. Israel
15.  Family Feud (01:45)
Opening theme 1976-1985 by Robert A. Israel
16.  Card Sharks (01:00)
Opening theme 1978-1981 by Edward Woodley Kalehoff
17.  Jackpot (01:50)
Opening theme 1985-1990 by Bob Cobert
18.  Go (02:28)
Opening theme 1983-1984 by Bob Cobert
19.  Chain Reaction (01:59)
Opening theme 1986-1991 by Bob Cobert

Total Duration: 00:36:26
Track listing contributed by david.allen.krause

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