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Hysteria (2011)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Gaston Waltzing
Christian Henson

Released in:

Great Britain, Luxembourg, France, Germany

Comedy, Romance

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Lakeshore Records No label number

Lakeshore Records No label number  

United States 
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Available as download.

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  Track listing

1.  Prologue
2.  Granville At the First Hospital
3.  Bloosy Dinosaur
4.  Granville Looks for Work
5.  Rigid Thrombus
6.  Slowly, in a Circular Motion
7.  Charlotte
8.  Granville Meets Charlotte
9.  Emily and Granville in the Corridor
10.  Introducing the Settlement House
11.  Suit Yourself
12.  Orgasmic Endeavors
13.  Duck's
14.  Proposing to Emily
15.  A House Call
16.  I Could Use the Help of an Able Doctor
17.  Dismissed
18.  That's the Spot!
19.  Molly's Delight
20.  First Patient
21.  Charlotte Arrives At the Party
22.  The Aftermath / Charlotte in Prison
23.  Charlotte to Court
24.  Hysteria Is a Fiction
25.  Granville Proposes to Charlotte
26.  Ducks Reprise

Track listing contributed by 8087776

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