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Alexander The Great (1964)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Leonard Rosenman

Released in:

United States

Leonard Rosenman composed the original music for the legendary unsold television pilot Alexander The Great, which starred William Shatner and was a candidate for the fall 1964 season on ABC. Rosenman composed a massive choral and orchestral score for this epic set in the first century B.C. It may be the most ambitious score ever written for an unrealized television series.

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Compilation Albums

Film Music Society FMS005

Film Music Society FMS005  

United States 
Release Date

Limited edition of 1,000 copies.

Also contains music from:
 Where Pigeons Go To Die

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Alexander The Great And Other Rare Rosenman

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Collection: 19
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  Track listing

1.  Body Wars Theme (03:26)
Tracks 1-4: Body Wars
2.  Coming to Get You (01:39)
3.  Ready Now (01:04)
4.  Welcome Home (00:39)

5.  Opening (05:44)
Tracks 5-8: Where Pigeons Go To Die
6.  Dangerous Flight (03:01)
7.  Dickens Returns / Closing (06:26)
8.  End Credits (01:18)

9.  Part 1 Main Title (01:59)
Tracks 9-11: Sybil
10.  The Awakening / End Title (07:16)
11.  "I Remember Me" (full version) (02:04)
Performed by Shelby Flint

12.  Main Title (00:50)
Tracks 12-23: Combat!
13.  Soldiers Searching (01:22)
14.  A Hero's Death (01:00)
15.  Enemy Territory (01:29)
16.  Wartime Liaison (02:07)
17.  Diversion (01:12)
18.  Tortured Crawling (01:03)
19.  French CafĂ© (03:48)
20.  Battle (00:57)
21.  Hand to Hand Combat (01:03)
22.  Brief Respite / Finale (02:58)
23.  Combat! March (01:01)

24.  Main Title (00:50)
Tracks 24-34: Alexander The Great
25.  The Hanged (00:37)
26.  Meet Alexander (01:32)
27.  The Dagger (01:46)
28.  Orgy (03:15)
29.  On the Move (01:09)
30.  Antigonus Dies (01:39)
31.  The Pursuit (01:13)
32.  Ada's Dance (01:25)
33.  Big Battle / Conquered (06:35)
34.  End Credits (01:21)

Total Duration: 01:14:48
Track listing contributed by Alan Rogers

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