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Tomb Raider (2013)

Video Game Composer(s):
Jason Graves

Released in:

United States

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Sumthing Else Music Works SE-3052-2

Sumthing Else Music Works SE-3052-2  

United States 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Adventure Found Me
2.  The Scavenger's Den
3.  Exploring The Island
4.  First Blood
5.  Reaching Roth
6.  Infiltrating The Bunker
7.  A Call For Help
8.  Entering Himiko's Tomb
9.  The Descent
10.  The One
11.  The Scavenger's Camp
12.  Paying Respects
13.  On The Beach
14.  Secret of the Island
15.  The Oni
16.  Whitman's Test
17.  Scaling The Ziggurat
18.  The Ritual
19.  A Survivor Is Born
20.  The Tomb Raider

Track listing contributed by Ivan Sorokin

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