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Shirarezaru Daiei Hakubutsukan: The British Museum

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Shirarezaru Daiei Hakubutsukan: The British Museum



Shirarezaru Daiei Hakubutsukan: The British Museum (2012)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Taro Iwashiro

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Rambling Entertainment RBCP-2643  

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  Track listing

1.  The Museum Of Museums (04:17)
2.  Gallery To Seventh Heaven (02:16)
3.  A Pint Of Time Essence (02:48)
4.  Upon Royal Crown (02:45)
5.  At The White Venus Garden (02:11)
6.  Shadowless Zone Time (03:32)
7.  From Ancient Traditional Letters (02:28)
8.  Time In Secret Pockets (03:29)
9.  An Unforgettable Page (02:34)
10.  Straight To Lost Age (02:26)
11.  Through Labyrinth Time (02:47)
12.  Pre-Time As Sequence (02:45)
13.  Deadly Sins And Confession (02:24)
14.  Invitation To Luna Waltz (02:28)
15.  War For War (02:09)
16.  Area Behind Karma (02:34)
17.  Draft Of Untold Tale (01:57)
18.  Script Of Untold Tale (02:05)
19.  First Lover's Caress (02:42)
20.  Riding On Warping Storm (02:10)
21.  Signpost To An Epilogue (02:38)
22.  An Epilogue Of The History (02:23)
23.  Glory Be To God (02:32)
24.  Fragment Of An Epilogue (01:29)
25.  Main Gate Of "M" (00:54)

Total Duration: 01:02:43
Track listing contributed by Adam Krysinski (

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