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2-Apr-2013 -

The score for Virgin Sacrifice will be an ear-opener for fans of the talented team of Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter. This little-known 1959 exploitation thriller contains a unique and memorable score from the pair. Colorful and impressionistic, the music paints a picture of a beautiful and hostile jungle world. Full of evocative and moody passages, the 54-minute score is a masterpiece of orchestration, and might remind some of Sawtell’s superb Tarzan music that he wrote for RKO in the 1940s and 1950s. Judicious use of native chants and some inventive organ sounds only add to the fun. The music was transferred from the composers' original tape reels. The 20-page illustrated liner book details the music, the composers, and the movie.

She Demons & The Astounding She-Monster offers music to watch girls by – girls who want to kill you! This extremely fun CD opens with Nicholas Carras’ rousing 1958 score for She Demons, which is easily his most-requested title. Besides demon-dance tunes and horror cues that’ll make you never want to be alone with a woman again, there’s music for evil Nazis, volcanic eruptions, and even some island romance. One thing you can say about Guenther Kauer’s 1957 score for The Astounding-She Monster – it’s astounding! Recorded in Germany and transferred from the composer's master tapes, this creation by the almost-unknown writer will be a revelation to those who have never seen the movie and a much-desired treasure for those who have watched it dozens of times. This release contains almost an hour of music and the 20-page illustrated liner book details the music, the composers, and the movies.
The Tall Texan features an impressive western score by Bert Shefter, usually known as Paul Sawtell’s partner. This disc has everything you want in a western score: heroic melodies, exciting action sequences, Indian themes, romance, and much more. Some of the music will remind you of Bernard Herrmann, some will remind you of Elmer Bernstein, but Shefter wrote this score in his own style, and those musical similarities actually predate those moments by the other composers. This 50-minute CD will take you back to a time when men were men and Indians were Indians! The music was transferred from the composer's original tape reels, and the 20-page illustrated liner book details the music, the composer, and the movie.
Hellgate and Lost Continent presents the first film music album by the great Paul Dunlap, who is best known for his horror and sci-fi scores of the 1950s. Everyone involved in Hellgate rose to the occasion, and that included the composer, who wrote a powerhouse score capturing the drama and romance of this very moving post-Civil War tale. About 35 minutes of the soundtrack survived on acetate recordings, and it’s an excellent introduction to Dunlap’s artistry. As a bonus, the 27 minutes of music that still exists from the classic 1951 Lippert dinosaur picture, Lost Continent, has been included. One of the composer’s best scores, the music offers fury and wonder in this tale of a search for a wayward atomic rocket. Newly transferred and restored from the composer’s personal recordings, this archival release is a fitting introduction to Dunlap’s incredible musical ability. The 20-page illustrated liner book details the music, the composer, and the movies.
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