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Annette Focks' Ostwind - Zusammen Sind Wir Frei
3-Apr-2013 - Alhambra Records has released the score for the German movie Ostwind - Grenzenlos Frei. It's the story of Mika, who has to spend her summer vacation at the horse stud of her strict grandmother. In the darkest box of the horse barn she finds the wild and shy stallion Ostwind. Neither Michelle, the best jumper in the court, nor Mika's grandmother can tame the dangerous horse. Magically attracted to the nervous animal, Mika secretly sneaks in spite of warnings to the barn. This is the beginning of an unusual friendship, because Mika discovers her true passion and a very special gift: she speaks the language of the horse! Will she succeed - against all the opposition - to tame Ostwind? The music is by welknown composer Annette Focks.
The score is available from, Amazon Germany and Alhambra Records.

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