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13-Jun-2013 -

KeepMoving Records has released Yuri Poteyenko's score for Aleksandr Buravskiy's historical epic, Leningrad. Retelling the tale of the notorious three-year siege of the city through the eyes of some survivors, Leningrad spans an international cast in the key roles. The score by Yuri Poteenko (Daywatch, Nightwatch) builds upon some classics of European classical music (ranging from Adagio in G minor to Shostakovich) in addition to creating a harrowing score that projects the cruelty of the siege. The soundtrack includes the bulk of the mammoth underscore, including choice selection that were only featured in the film's extended 4-part television version. Conducted by Igor Dronov, performed by the Moscow Studio Symphony. This is a limited edition of 500 copies.

KeepMoving Records has also released Ludek Drizhal's score for Francesco Lucente's post-war portrait of small-town America, Badland. Telling the tale of Jerry Rice who cannot fit back into the regular life after his time in Iraq, Drizhal's score presents strong character themes that range from the Dvorak-influenced motive for Celina (Jerry's Daughter) to the ambient orchestral textures of Jerry's unspeakable crimes. The soundtrack includes a lot more music than what's in the film, including several cues that make their debut on this soundtrack. If you like contemplative symphonic Americana scores, Badland is not to be missed! Conducted by Béla Drahos, performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. This is a limited edition of 500 copies.
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