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2-Jul-2013 -

L'Infermiera Di Notte/La Liceale Seduce I Professori 
Digitmovies, in collaboration with the Sugar Group, will release the score by Gianni Ferrio for L'Infermiera Di Notte (The Night Nurse) and La Liceale Seduce I Professori (How To Seduce Your Teacher) in full stereo on CD for the first time. Gianni Ferrio wrote two nice comments on these films that are part of the erotic comedy genre that was ever so popular in the seventies and early eighties. For this CD, that lasts 54:34, the stereo master tapes with every note recorded were used. The composer changes between sparkling dance music with delicate love themes and funny motifs that keep the listener pleasantly entertained for nearly an hour in the company of Gianni Ferrio and his music… dreaming of Gloria.
Una Bella Grinta
Another one from Digitmovies, together with the Sugar Group, is the full score by Piero Umiliani for Una Bella Grinta  (The Reckless) directed in 1965 by Giuliano Montaldo. The great Piero Umiliani wrote one of the most beautiful jazz/blues comments of his long and prolific career, performed by the Gato Barbieri band and with exceptional soloists Barbieri - Rava - D’Andrea - Foccia - Munari. For this CD (TT 73:16) they could use the mono master tapes of the original session that allowed them to discover new 28:21 minutes and to also include the rare vocal version of the single, all restored and digitally remastered. This CD definitely pays a tribute to the incomparable music art of Piero Umiliani.
La Valle Dell'Eco Tonante/Genoveffa Di Brabante 
The third one from Digitmovies and the Sugar Group, is volume XXVIII of the series dedicated tItalian Peplum series. This time two scores by Carlo Rustichelli for the movies La Valle Dell'Eco Tonante (Hercules Of The Desert) and Genoveffa Di Brabante (The Revenge Of The Crusader). For this CD (41:31) the mono master tapes of the original recording session were used. For Hercules of the Desert the composer wrote an epic theme for choir and orchestra extremely dramatic, which is taken up in the score in a slow version, then in a more energetic alternating dark and mysterious passages. For The revenge of the crusader Carlo Rustichelli composed a score based on ancient medieval ballads, from alternating suspense music, to epic-mystical tunes and a romantic love theme.
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