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Hans Zimmer's The Lone Ranger
14-Jul-2013 - From the Walt Disney Records/Intrada combination comes Hans Zimmer's score for the legendary western The Lone Ranger. Zimmer accompanies with a charged, action-oriented score with abundance of kinetic rhythms and pulsating ostinatos. The melody plays a large roll as well, while the solo violin allows darker, reflective moments to have their say. The lengthy "Finale" affords Rossini chestnut William Tell Overture to sound off, upon which Zimmer builds dynamic variants of his own thematic elements around the familiar Rossini strains. Dynamite piece is a tour-de-force of arrangement melding with composition, with non-stop driving rhythms name of the game! Some of Zimmer's richest, most energetic writing on display.
Available from and Intrada Records.

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