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1-Aug-2013 -

Los Mundos Sutiles
The latest collaboration between French composer Pascal Gaigne and director Eduardo Chapero-Jackson (after the film VERBO) is Los Mundos Sutiles, a sensitive documentary about the poetry of Antonio Machado.
As her final exam, Sira, a young dance-conservatory student, has to prepare a program about the legacy of Spanish poet Machado. The film delves into the life and work of the poet, featuring a cinematic blend of documentary and fiction. Biographical documentary research and the search for life experience of the Machado poems coexist in SUBTLE WORLDS. Not a trip into the past, the film connects the poet with our time.
Pascal Gaigne provides a surprisingly peaceful and spiritual score utilizing contemporary forms and written entirely for electronic ensemble. Los Mundos Sutiles is one of Gaigne’s most sincere, special and personal works.
Man, Woman And Child
World premiere release of the wonderful, radiant film score composed and conducted by Georges Delerue for Man, Woman And Child. Directed by Dick Richards, the film starred Martin Sheen, Blythe Danner and Sebastian Dungan.
Written by Erich Segal from his own novel, the plot centers on a professor of literature (Martin Sheen) – with a wife and two daughters – who learns he has a son. A few years earlier, while visiting France, he had an accident and then an affair with the doctor who treated him. Now she has died and he finds out about the son he never knew he had. When he tells his wife, she suggests they bring him to the States for the summer. The film explores how the boy’s presence affects their family.
The perfect choice for scoring this sensitive film was Frenchman Georges Delerue, composer of some of the most romantic and bittersweet film scores ever written. Delerue moved from France to L.A. after winning his only Oscar (for the film A Little Romance) in 1979. Starting in the eighties, he entered a new period focusing on American films – most of them romantic movies. The music written for Man, Woman And Child is undoubtedly one of the most memorable of these American scores, and an absolute treat for all Delerue fans.
The album contains Delerue’s complete score – including the beautiful song “Never Gone,” performed by Edie Lehmann – and a few alternate cues. The entire album was assembled from original multi-track stereo session masters vaulted at Paramount Pictures. The packaging includes a 12-page full color booklet with informative liner notes by Tim Greiving. Man, Woman And Child contains the essence of Delerue’s gift—beauty, sadness, romance—and remains an essential work from one of the finest composers who ever wrote for the screen.
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