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Christian Gaubert's The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane
19-Sep-2013 -

Disques Cinémusique has released The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane, a successful film adaptation of a novel by Laird Koenig, directed in 1976 by Nicolas Gessner and starring Jodi Foster and Martin Sheen. This thriller co-produced by France, Canada and the United States depicts a clever pre-adolescent, Rynn, living alone with her father in a rented house set back from the town. Some residents, distrustful of newcomers, suspect her of hiding some secret. Rynn is soon harassed by the landlady and especially by her son Frank, a pervert with pedophilic tendencies.
For scoring The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane, Gessner relied on Christian Gaubert, a musician renowned for the quality of his arrangements in the fields of variety shows, and especially in film music for Francis Lai, but whose talent as a film composer has seldom been exploited. One can find here that Gaubert applies a great technical expertise to fresh ideas.
The score features alternately and sometimes simultaneously, acoustic and synthetic sounds. On one hand, a formation of strings with solo cello and piano creates an intimate atmosphere, full of gentleness and melancholy; on the other, electronic instruments are used for dramatic scenes. Even in the most romantic parts with violins and piano, Gaubert sometimes uses a synthesizer to hold the melody, a combination that is often found in his arrangements for Francis Lai.
The CD includes the 2nd movement of the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.1 in E minor by Frédéric Chopin, a work that is often heard in the film, in addition to the score by Christian Gaubert.
Originally released on LP in Japan only, the soundtrack to The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane is finally available on CD from Disques Cinémusique as a limited edition of 500 copies.

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