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3 New releases from Beat Records
28-Sep-2013 -

Agente X1-7 Operazione Oceano
In 2013, thanks to the collaboration with Sugar Group and the Umiliani Estate archives, Beat Records launched a new series dedicated to the discovery of the immense talent of Piero Umiliani.With Agente X1-7 Operazione Oceano (1966) they return to the Italian Spy genre. Among the many scores composed by Piero Umiliani, it’s surely ranked among the top. It’s a real masterpiece and a particularly inspired moment for the composer, who incorporated all of the sounds typically associated with the genre. For lovers of Euro-spy scores it’s an absolute must, and for everyone else a precious addition to your soundtrack collection.
L’argent Du Ministre
L’argent Du Ministre (1980) is a virtually unknown movie produced by Lorenzo Del Grande, an eccentric and wealthy tycoon from Monaco with a passion for cinema. Friend of the Roman publisher Franco De Gemini, Del Grande asked him to compose the score for the movie and the Italian Harmonica performer then asked Walter Rizzati to complete the task. Since that period was particularly florid in a music genre that is very dear to the A&Rs of the DDJ series, it’s easy to understand why this was chosen as the 30th soundtrack release in the classic DDJ series. Its hidden energy was already partially revealed at the time speaking through the Beat Records LP release that has long since sold out. This new release has been digitally remastered and features a ton of extra music.
Il Plenilunio Delle Vergini
A rare gem, finally discovered in the great ocean of unreleased Italian scores, Il Plenilunio Delle Vergini (1973, aka Full Moon of the Virgins and The Devil’s Wedding Night) was composed by the late Bulgarian Vasco Vassil Kojucharov, Roman-adopted and imported by Cinecittà into the Italian music biz in order to express his personal talent in the field of soundtrack composing. Il plenilunio delle vergini is in the Italian Gothic genre and features vampires, sacrifices of cute, young virgins, the wonderful Rosalba Neri in the cast and many beautiful cues by the Maestro that will accompany you in restless anxiety for many hours. With great class and that personal touch that you’ve come to expect from Beat Records—long-time fans of this composer—they hope you will enjoy it.
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