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Michel Magne's L'Indic
21-Oct-2013 - Music Box Records has released L'Indic (1983), a detective story. Michel Magne wrote a great love theme on piano and strings, enhanced by the use of the bandoneon played by the famous accordionist Gilbert Roussel. For the action and suspense sequences, the composer embellishes the ambience with the use of percussion conjoined with grave tones from piano or flute. Two other scores are also presented here for the first time on CD. For Un Ange Au Paradis Magne composed a refrain with several variations accompanying scenes that were at once romantic and burlesque. Le Complot tells the story of a “plot” aimed at liberating one of the generals of the O.A.S. during the Algerian War. Michel Magne wrote a somber and melancholic theme with an oppressive female voice and a plaintive harmonica.
For more info and ordering, visit Music Box Records.

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