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Steven Price's Gravity
18-Dec-2013 - Silva Screen Records has released the score for Gravity. Receiving rave reviews and already tipped for an Oscar®, Steven Price’s score is perhaps most accurately described by Huffington Post as the film’s third co-star. Abstract, often melodic and always very intricate, complex and textural, the score blurs the line between electronic and organic sounds. Steven Price involved a lot of experimentation in finding the right harmonic and sonic language that resonates emotionally through out the film and gels with the amazing visuals. Price comments: “Alfonso was always very determined that the soundtrack be immersive. As you sit in the theatre, the score literally moves around you. Elements come and go, pulsate and transform, and reflect the journey onscreen in a way that will hopefully add to the total cinematic experience of the film.” The score is available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany

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