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Ennio Morricone's I Demoni Di San Pietroburgo
7-Jan-2014 -

 Helming its most ambitious release to date, KeepMoving Records presents the premiere release of I Demoni Di San Pietroburgo (The Demons of St. Petersburg) by the legendary Ennio Morricone. Directed by Giuliano Montaldo (Sacco e Vanzetti, Giordano Bruno, Marco Polo), the film tells the fictionalized life story of Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Miki Manojlovic) who is caught up with political intrigue and a career crisis resulting from his crippling gambling debts. While trying to finish his latest novel on schedule and reveal an anarchist plot targeting the Tsar, the troubled author must fight his inner demons to move forward in life...

The Demons of St. Petersburg marks the latest collaboration between Montaldo and Morricone who had scored the majority of the director's films. The key thematic material includes the propulsive anarchist theme for the assassination plot and a darkly passionate love theme for a string quartet and harp which underscores Dostoyevsky's troubled relationship with his stenographist, Anna. The flashbacks to Siberia represent the plight of the imprisoned people of Russia whose pain is sung by soprano of Paola Cecchi. The music was recorded at Forum Village in Rome and is conducted by the composer.

This CD by KeepMoving Records marks the premiere release of The Demons of St. Petersburg, which hasn't been issued in any form, not even on compilation albums. During the production of this album they have been granted access to the original album master which Morricone had selected and edited together for inclusion on a soundtrack that never materialized... until now. Featuring all the major cues, some unused moments and even a track recorded especially for the album, The Demons of St. Petersburg fills in an important hole in the composer's discography. The album is rounded out by extensive liner notes from co-producer Gergely Hubai who discusses the film, the score and the road to releasing the album.

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