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Benedikt Brydern's The Pagan Queen
7-Jan-2014 - KeepMoving Records has released The Pagan Queen. The score by Benedikt Brydern was written for a film about Libuse, the founder of the Czech Premyslid dynasty and the mythical grand matriarch of the entire nation. Mixing elements of fantasy and popular historical fiction, the story spans a score which is filled with brilliant references to Czech classical music. Antonin Dvorak’s “Romance in F minor” is wonderfully varied in Libuse's theme which transforms alongside her relationship with Premysl, the father of the Czech nation. References to the fourth part of Smetana’s “Ma Vlast” (subtitled "From Bohemia’s Woods and Fields") are used for presenting the natural beauties of Bohemia in this lush and epic historical score that was (naturally) recorded in Prague.

For more info and ordering, visit KeepMoving Records.

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