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Benjamin Wallfisch’s The Thirteenth Tale
8-Jan-2014 -

MovieScore Media/Kronos Records has released Benjamin Wallfisch’s score for
the BBC drama television film, The Thirteenth Tale, starring Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave
and Olivia Colman. Adapted from Diane Setterfield’s best–selling novel by Academy Award-winning
writer Christopher Hampton, the film is directed by James Kent and produced by David Heyman.
The Thirteenth Tale was first broadcasted on BBC Two on December 30, 2013 and is scheduled
for a U.S. broadcast on PBS and DVD release in January 2014.
Adapted from Diane Setterfield’s best–selling novel, The Thirteenth Tale is a haunting
psychological mystery set in the modern day, with poignant flashbacks starting in 1940.
The disturbing story begins when a young female biographer, Margaret (Colman), sets out to
interview a legendary writer whose health is fading. Vida Winter (Redgrave) has, until now,
refused to divulge the dark secrets of her life and past at Angelfield, her childhood home.
An unlikely shared empathy is cultivated between the two women, and Vida’s story
forces Margaret to finally confront her own ghosts.
Wallfisch said:
“I’m very happy to be continuing my collaboration with my friends
Moviescore Media with what will be our fifth soundtrack album together.
The Thirteenth Tale is a beautiful movie with an amazing depth of storytelling.
The masterful acting from Vanessa Redgrave and Olivia Coleman coupled with such an intriguing
and compelling narrative meant scoring the movie was both challenging and inspiring
in equal measure. What starts out as a ghost story evolves into something much
more focussed on the human domain, and it was fascinating to
find a musical voice to accompany that journey.”
For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media/Kronos Records.

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