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16-Feb-2014 -

Danza Macabra
Digitmovies, in collaboration with the Sugar Group, is pleased to present, for the first time on CD the complete score by Riz Ortolani for the gothic black and white film Danza Macabra (Blood Castle), directed in 1964 by Antonio Margheriti. London suburbs: a journalist named Alan Foster, is sent to interview the famous macabre writer Edgar Allan Poe. Foster is sceptical when Poe tells him that his stories really happened and he is not a novelist, but a reporter. They make a pact. To make this CD (53:10) Digitmovies was able to access the mono master tapes of the original recording session, publishing every note recorded at the time. Riz Ortolani composed a perfect score to describe the gothic atmosphere of the story.
Trinità E Sartana Figli Di…
Digitmovies continues it's musical journey, through the scorching desert lands of the Italian Western, by publishing, for the first time, in it’s entirety on CD and in full stereo, the score by Carlo Savina for the movie Trinità E Sartana Figli Di… (Trinity And Sartana Are Coming) directed in 1972 by Mario Siciliano. For this CD, which lasts 50:53 minutes, Digitmovies used every note preserved in the master tapes, in stereo from the original recording session. Carlo Savina has written a nice score based on a recurring funny and light-hearted theme in a beat key, which is a good representation of the two hapless protagonists. The author alternates this motive with mysterious music, saloon style pieces and a romantic love theme with a Lounge flavour.
La Regina Dei Tartari
Digitmovies again takes a step in the Italian Peplum, by publishing volume XXIX of the series; the complete score by Bruno Canfora for the movie La Regina Dei Tartari (The Huns, Queen Of The Tartars) directed in 1960 by Sergio Grieco. For this CD, which lasts 45:18 minutes, Digitmovies used every note contained in the mono master tapes of the original recording session. Maestro Canfora removed the strings and used only the brass, woodwind and percussion. These create atmospheres with an ancient flavour, between heroic and mysterious, alternating with vigorous music for battle, and the recurring presence of a delicate love theme.
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