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A Special Event from Twilight Time!
14-Mar-2014 -

It seems like only yesterday, but incredibly, Twilight Time turns 3 years old this month, and to celebrate
they are doing something they have never done before which is to offer a special price-promotion on 36
of their Blu-ray titles (one for each month they have been in operation!) This promotion will last for exactly
5 days - it will begin with the April pre-orders on Wednesday, March 19th at 4 pm EST, and will run to
Monday, March 24th at 4 pm EST.
The promotion will be exclusive to SAE’s website at - this is a way to thank you,
their intrepid aficionados, for all your support these 3 amazing years, and to give many of you a chance
to catch up on titles you may have wanted but put on the back burner, and also to encourage
new devotees to try some of their more esoteric back-catalogue items.

Over the course of these 36 months they have climbed a very steep learning curve, and that process
continues apace. They will continue to refine what they do and adjust to the constantly changing demands
of the home entertainment business. And believe it or not, they hear what you tell them, and they will
always try their best to adapt (take that, eco cases!!)
Also on Wednesday, March 19th at 4 pm EST when the April pre-orders go live, they will have approximately
150 copies of THE FRONT signed by the lovely Miss Andrea Marcovicci, which will be available for the
usual $100 or more of TT product - but this month your $100 will go a lot further if you wish to take
advantage of the price-promotion gang of 36 - all of which are listed below. SAE suggests that for those
of you wishing to take part in the promotion and also inclined to obtain a signed copy of THE FRONT,
use their list to pre-load your shopping cart so you’ll be able to proceed directly to the autographed copy icon.
Once again, this promotion is for 5 DAYS ONLY - so get ready to start your engines -
(PLEASE NOTE: all titles in the promotion will be discounted by $10 - which means those that ordinarily
retail for $29.95 will be $19.95, and those that are $34.95 will be $24.95.)
For more info and ordering, go to Screen Archives Entertainment.


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