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Kyle Newmaster's Something Wicked
12-Apr-2014 - Lakeshore Records has released Something Wicked, a current day action thriller set in a mid-size American community (Eugene, Oregon) in the Pacific Northwest. Christine and her boyfriend James have just graduated from Highland High School and are looking forward to enjoying their future together. Everything appears to be going well until Christine and James realize that she is being stalked by a psychologically tormented and obsessed young man, who in the end will stop at nothing to be with her. The soundtrack features original music by Kyle Newmaster. "I also had a blast scoring the tense more traditional horror moments in the film. I really enjoy writing tense, dark, orchestral music and combining it with other sounds and elements,” said Newmaster. “For these scenes I did quite a bit of recording with live orchestral musicians in which we recorded a variety of textural and aleatoric sounds". 
Available digitally and via Amazon Disc-On-Demand.

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