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23-Apr-2014 -

Belle, Ma Povere
Digitmovies presents, for the first time on CD, Piero Piccioni's score for Belle, Ma Povere (aka "Pretty, but poor"), the official sequel to the huge box office success Poveri Ma Belli in 1956. For this CD Digitmovies was able to access the mono master tapes of the recording session which allowed them to use all the music at the time recorded with the expert direction of the orchestra conductor Carlo Savina. Maestro Piccioni wrote a pleasant main folk tune for the young players, introduced in the title track. Their sentimental misadventures are described by a pleasant orchestral background, between funny and romantic that are interspersed with dance music of a Latin American flavour and light marches.
Maciste L’uomo Più Forte Del Mondo
Digitmovies continues to venture into the epic territory of Italian Peplum by publishing, as Volume XXX, for the first time on CD,  Armando Trovajoli's score for Maciste L'uomo Più Forte Del Mondo (aka "Mole Men vs. The Son Of Hercules"). To release this CD Digitmovies was able to access the mono master tapes of the original recording session. Maestro Trovajoli composed and conducted a symphonic score where in the title track it shows a powerful and dramatic main theme. The composer alternates themes of suspense and mystery consisting of percussion, effects on the organ, mixed with the orchestra, with battle music, a delicate love theme and a tribal dance.
Digitmovies is pleased to present on CD, for the first time ever, complete and in full stereo, the music of the legendary De Angelis Brothers for the movie Trastevere, directed in 1971. For this CD Digitmovies also had access to the master, in stereo, of the original recording session, which allowed them to use every note recorded at that time. The music is based on the main topic of popular taste "Trastevere" (in the words of director Tozzi), introduced in the title track by the voice of Nino Manfredi and reprised in an instrumental version. This exciting melody is alternated with other themes composed for the other characters in the film, such as "Grandma's dance" folk flavoured, but with modern arrangements and Indian music on the sitar.
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