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Eckart Seeber's To The Ends Of Time
23-Apr-2014 - Russian film music label KeepMoving Records has released Eckart Seeber’s epic orchestral fantasy score for To The Ends Of Time.The film tells the story of a mystical kingdom where an evil witch takes over the control of time. Generations fade away within days and when a young lad is suddenly forced to grow up, he takes it upon himself to break the curse. Seeber’s score for To The Ends Of Time is one of the most beautiful, thematically conscious fantasy scores of the last two decades and it’s just a shame it isn’t better-known. Featuring major battle scenes with choral accompaniment and a haunting love theme for James and Princess Stephanie, the score is also characterized by a number of innovative features for fantasy elements like the magical clock that speeds up time!
For more info and ordering, visit KeepMoving Records.

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