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MovieScore Media releases Centurions Of The Moon
14-May-2014 -





MovieScore Media presents the unique
cinematic concept album Centurions Of
The Moon, the third such experiment
produced by Tom Hoover and composer
Zaalen Tallis. The cinematic concept album
has no corresponding movie, rather it’s
a story fueled by the epic, cinematic
underscore that brings the story to life.
The Centurions Of The Moon tells the tale
of Rome’s famed Serpent Legion who are
abducted one  night by mysterious sirens
from another world. The Ashas, as they
are known, had systematically lost their
men due to a devastating conflict that
they were now on the brink of losing.
The Serpent Legion were now tasked with
fighting this war for them – which would
be the only way they would be allowed
to return home.
Centurions Of The Moon is the third
cinematic concept  album Tom Hoover and
Zalen Tallis has done together – their
previous ventures are Pantheon and The
Desert Myth are both available on iTunes
and other outlets. The exciting and epic
score for Centurions Of The Moon is
complemented by the imaginative illustrations
of Sunny Koda which act like a storyboard
for key scenes of the narrative. You can
learn even more about the  project by
following the links below:

Visit the official website.

Download the booklet to the story.

Watch a cinematic trailer for the project


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