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Music Box Records presents Golden Needles
28-May-2014 -

In order to celebrate their 50th CD release, Music Box Records is very proud to present the original soundtrack from Golden Needles (1974) by Lalo Schifrin. Capitalizing on the early ‘70s kung-fu craze, the film tells the story of a mysterious statue which contains the secret location of acupuncture points that may cure many illnesses – or lead to instant death if they are applied in the wrong order. When rival gangs start a fierce hunt after the statue, it’s up to Dan (Joe Don Baker) to get the statue for the mysterious girl who had hired him. Briefly teaming up with blaxploitation icon Jim Kelly, Baker is ready to deliver swift punches, escape death traps and throw people across panes until he gets what he wants…
Golden Needles was directed by Robert Clouse, who brought along composer Lalo Schifrin from their last successful collaboration, Enter the Dragon. The music is the perfect accompaniment for the east-meets-west scenario and in many ways, it can be viewed as the close cousin of Schifrin’s incredibly influential soundtrack for Bruce Lee’s last film. Featuring cool percussion, infectious jazz licks, epic action set pieces and even a tender love theme for the unlikely romance of Dan and token femme fatale Felicity, Schifrin’s music for Golden Needles is as great as it is largely forgotten in the shadow of its more esteemed peer – at least until now.
This CD by Music Box Records marks the premiere release of Golden Needles; the only piece of music that has been released from the film was a re-recording on Schifrin’s 2000 compilation album Jazz Goes to Hollywood. This soundtrack presents all the music in mostly chronological order and is accompanied by an 8-page booklet with liner notes by Gergely Hubai who discusses the film and the score. Golden Needles may lack the name recognition of Bullitt or the cult factor of Enter the Dragon, but the score definitely delivers everything you’d expect from the composer at the top of his game – and it certainly doesn’t disappoint fans of Schifrin or martial arts movies in general.
For more info and ordering, visit Music Box Records.

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