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Matthew Llewellyn’s Deep In The Darkness
25-Jun-2014 - After releasing Matthew Llewellyn’s Dead Souls two years ago, ScreamWorks Records and Kronos Records team up with the composer once more to unleash one of the year’s most impressive horror scores. Llewellyn’s sweeping, ominous music for Deep In The Darkness evokes classic drama and horror, combining traditional and contemporary orchestral textures. The score was recorded with the Slovakia National Symphony Orchestra. The movie follows the journey of Dr. Michael Cayle who leaves the chaos of New York City for the quiet town of Ashborough, hoping to bring his family closer together. Soon after arriving, however, he discovers the town’s deepest secret: a terrifying and controlling race of creatures that live amongst the darkness in the woods behind his home.
For more info, visit Screamworks Records and Kronos Records.

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