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7-Jul-2014 -


 Digitmovies is pleased to release the original soundtrack by Ennio Morricone for the movie Galileo. The eerie and mysterious atmosphere typical of Morricone’s style of music is based on careful study and research of earlier music while keeping avant-garde music styles in mind. The author’s experimental side emerges powerfully with dissonant horn sections accompanied by a choir. This alternates between chants and the hymn “Eresia defunta sia” with the words of the director Cavani set to delicate music that varies between romantic and mysterious. For this CD every note recorded on the stereo master tapes of the recording session was used. Digitmovies discovered six previously unreleased tracks approved by the composer himself. The result is a polished tribute to the great musical art of Ennio Morricone and the cinema of Liliana Cavani.



Digitmovies releases, for the first time on CD, the complete edition of the score by Armando Trovajoli for the movie Poveri Milionari (Poor Millionaires). Armando Trovajoli has composed pleasant background instrumentals based on orchestral variations of the main theme. These also include danceable tracks with his unique style that we all love so much. This is a true restoration and a fitting preservation of the Golden Age of Italian Cinema and the Musical Art of Armando Trovajoli, thanks to the mono-master tapes of the recording sessions in 1959 which have survived until today in excellent condition. The CD includes the songs and their instrumental versions (the track “Amare un’altra” appears here in a rare stereo mix).

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