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Rachel Portman's Dolphin Tale 2
3-Sep-2014 -

“The film is a wonderful canvas for music because there are so many gorgeous underwater scenes,” said Rachel Portman.
Lakeshore Records will release the Dolphin Tale 2 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album digitally on September 9th and on CD October 7, 2014. The album features the original score by Rachel Portman.
Dolphin Tale 2 continues the story of the brave dolphin Winter, whose miraculous rescue and recovery—thanks to a groundbreaking prosthetic tail—made her a symbol of hope and perseverance to people around the world and inspired the 2011 family hit movie Dolphin Tale.

The film reunites the entire main cast, led by Harry Connick, Jr., Oscar® winner Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson, Nathan Gamble, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Austin Stowell, and, of course, the remarkable dolphin Winter as herself. Charles Martin Smith, who directed Dolphin Tale, wrote the sequel and is again at the helm.

“Charles [Martin Smith, Director] was keen for the music to have strong melodies that could be threaded through the story,” Portman described. “My first task was to come up with a theme for Winter. She has her own high flute melodic phrase which comes back several times through the course of the movie. It needed to be emotional and watery as well as easily identifiable with her.”

Rachel Portman was born in west Sussex, England. She began composing at the age of 14 and read music at Oxford University. Whilst there, she became interested in writing music for student films and theatre productions. She gained experience writing music for drama in BBC and Channel 4 films such as Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, Mike Leigh's Four Days In July and Jim Henson's Storyteller series, however the majority of her work has been in film.

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