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David Shire's Rear Window
11-Sep-2014 - MovieScore Media has released in its Discovery Collection the music for the 1998 television version of Rear Window. Designed as an acting vehicle for the recently wheelchair-bound Christopher Reeve, The ABC production kept the basic premise of the original Hitchcock movie: wheelchair-bound Jason Kemp suspects that his neighbor Julian Thorpe murdered his wife, but nobody believes him. David Shire’s music features a number of brilliant themes for the main characters. Jason’s theme was inspired by Baroque fugues as the counterpoints represent the hero’s attempt to rebuild his nervous system. The film’s main villain is represented by a distant metallic hit, a choice related to the man’s profession. The third key theme for “the other woman” is represented by the EWI, an electric wind instrument featuring a deliberately fake representation of a saxophone.
For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media.

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